Development Tips: 3 to 6 Months

  • Entice your child to roll from stomach to back, using toys and physical prompts as needed.
  • Play with his toes, patting and rubbing them. Then, bring them to his mouth while he is lying on his back.
  • Touch your child’s hands with a dangling object: then move it away, teasing him to reach for it.
  • Present your child’s with one block, then a second block, encouraging him to pass the blocks from one hand to the other.
  • Hold his favorite toy in various positions in front of him. Encourage him to reach for it.
  • Drop a toy out of sight and encourage her to look for it.
  • Partially cover a toy with your child’s blanket and encourage him to find it.
  • Use pleasurable voices or music to calm him when he is upset or to draw his attention.
  • Place the child in front of a mirror and draw his attention to it, encourage him to look at the image.
  • Bounce your child on your lap or in your arms and practice sounds (pa-pa-pa, ba-ba, ma-ma).
  • Encourage vowel sound production (o-o-o. ah-ah. E-e).
  • Begin to promote gestural language, “arms up,” “so big.”
  • Talk constantly to your child as you move about the house. Call to him to look at you and what you are doing.
  • Be yourself. A lifetime of fun and teamwork lies ahead.

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