Headache Questions To Ask Your Child

  • Ask your child to make a drawing of the head pain. Date and time the episode and try not to give your child “hints” as to what to draw.
  • Describe the type of head pain your child has. Include information on location, time of onset, frequency, severity, associated symptoms and duration.
  • Be specific about the exact way your child’s headache begins in terms of any associated factors or triggers.
  • Does anything bring on a headache?
  • Does anything improve or relieve the headache?
  • Does anything make the pain worse or better?
  • Are the headaches changing?
  • Does the pain move or radiate to other locations?
  • Describe the quality and characteristics of the Pain.
  • Does your child take anything for the headache? What and how much? How often?
  • Does medication help?
  • Has anyone prescribed medication? What medication? Who prescribed it? How often is it taken?
  • Does anyone in the family have headaches?
  • Does your child have any medical problems?
  • Has your child missed school due to the headaches? How many? How often?
  • What do you think causes your child’s headaches?

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