Development Tips: Birth to 2 Months

  • Stroke your child’s cheek or dangle a bright toy to encourage her to turn to either side.
  • Gently play “bicycle” with your baby’s legs during diapering.
  • Gain your child’s attention with a mobile or noisemaking toy. Speak softly to your child while holding him close to your face. Encourage him to look at you.
  • Shake bell rattles from various close range positions and observe your child’s reactions. Place small rattles in her hands and assist her in holding them.
  • Use variety of textures with your child, such as using different types of coverings for the changing table.
  • Talk consistently to your child, observe changes and reactions.
  • Reward any sound your child makes by repeating it and praising him for “talking” to you.
  • During daily activities hum, sing and speak to your child.
  • During feeding, sing, to encourage your child to look at you.

Remember: The first step in playing with your child is to be yourself and to trust your own intuition. Perform activities in a positive, non-threatening manner and observe your child to see what types of activities he enjoys most. Vary the activities to meet your child’s interests. As with any activity, you should always talk to him during the activity. Be supportive and generous with you smiles and encouragement while varying the activity based on her interest that day. Always show your child what you want him to do.