The Cupcake

Why does quiet time foster the ability to connect?

One of my fondest memories is walking hand in hand with my mother to a corner store one block away from our house. We made this trip many times when I would wake from naps. She would buy me a chocolate cream filled cupcake and arriving home we would sit silently on our porch steps sharing that cupcake and watch cars go up and down our street.

Parents are confronted every day with new techniques and ideas on how to raise a bright, sensitive, respectful and resilient child. The importance of attachment, emotional competency and a sense of others are consistently discussed as is the ability to perceive the intent, purpose and meaning of others. To accomplish these goals parents are drawn to active parenting styles that engender and support specific traits and behaviors.

One of these active styles is clear, consistent, concise and confident parenting.   Another is the ability to set reasonable boundaries that support respect in the parent-child relationship. Without such boundaries many children believe the role of a parent is to fulfill not only their needs but also their wants. These active parenting skills are important but they all must be broadened by a healthy parent-child connection.  Such a connection is fostered through passive parenting opportunities that support the sharing of feelings and thoughts without words or actions. This sharing can be accomplished by spending quiet time with your child.

Life is seldom in slow motion. For parents life has two speeds, fast and faster. This is why parents and children must find opportunities to connect during periods of quiet rest and relaxation.  A quiet presence allows you and your child to connect. Distractions hinder our ability to connect.  Quiet and the reflection foster your child’s ability to share and support the importance of silent contemplation, rest and relaxation.  This ability is essential for self- development and enhances your child’s ability to initiate and maintain future healthy relationships.

Don’t wait! You do have the power to change the speed of life for both you and your child. How comfortable are you with silence? You will be amazed by the hugs and smiles you discover when you hit the pause button and a previously unseen and unheard world unfolds. What memory of you will your child remember?