Choosing What is Best For Your Child

When your child is born it is natural for you to feel vulnerable, fearful and anxious. You are concerned about doing the right thing, at the right time and in the right way. This concern is healthy and encourages you to obtain the best care possible for your new child. Concern becomes unhealthy and unhelpful, however, when it is replaced by fear and anxiety based on the concerns of others.  One of the skills you must rely on is the ability to gain control of your own experience.

As a parent you must learn to feel good about yourself and your child. You cannot rely on the expectations and feelings of others. To do so, causes you to loose your balance and in many ways encourages your fears to become real.  Everything in your life is responsive to you both in the way you think and the way you live your life. To allow negative thoughts to enter your life simply encourages them. Once negative thoughts are embedded in your mind they grow. Even though you mean well and only want to protect your child this fostering of negative thoughts actually causes you to loose control.

You and you alone have control over your life and your ability to inspire your child. It does not matter what others think or say about you or your child. Only your thoughts matter. Clean your mind of all negative anxiety and fear. Seek a contentment based on balance, understanding and acceptance. Trust your feelings about what is best for your child. Fill your mind with dreams, passions and inspirations about your child and by so doing you will prepare her to chase her own dreams.

Theses skills do not just happen.  They take time to grow. Give yourself time to develop the patience and understanding to deal with the negative thoughts of others. Such skills must be fostered and supported. The first step is a committment to this belief of self control. Experience will tell you and the way you live your life will show your child that each of you have control over your own futures. Certainly, unexplained and unwanted events will occur but most situations, events and opportunities are due to your thoughts, words and actions. In fact, most of the time you will be treated by others as you expect them to treat you. By finding, seeing and then listening to the positive harmony within your life and the life of your child you will understand life’s questions and answers are already within you and your child.