For every parent when their child is born thoughts of their child dying or becoming gravely ill or injured arise.This is common and expected.  As a parent you will find new emotions attached to words like meningitis, SIDS, autism, drowning, seat belts, car seats and immunizations. The need to address these negative thoughts is essential and has been discussed in previous blog entries.What should you do, however, when you are confronted by the death of a member of the family including a parent or a child? The answer to this question as with all others rests within you.

Although the departure of those you love may never be accepted it must be allowed. Death allows a person’s soul to be set free. The act of living allows each person to pursue the connection between mind and body, but, it is death that allows a person’s soul to be set free. This freedom is a freedom expected and long awaited since birth. Although the death of a child or teenager can can be understood through natural laws it
can only be accepted through the power of spirituality.

Souls are amazing. they are filled with equal parts patience and understanding mixed with a measure of joy and a touch of laughter. They never leave us no matter how much
we neglect them. They are social yet independent and never lonely. Their wisdom knows who and what we are. They listen even when not being listened to. Theirs is a world of questions more than answers and love unhindered by guilt or remorse. A world with no if ‘s or when but only now.

Your soul and the soul of your child are the keepers of understanding about all things eternal and those that are not. Ypur child’s soul is invisible save for its image reflected during acts of love and compassion. These glimpses are fleeting, yet their images are strong, narcotic and inspiring.  Living a life filled with compassion and forged from relationships is always at risk for pain and suffering. Yet, by living and dying each person, no matter what their age, is provided the opportunity of being and not just doing. For, a soul reveals itself most  and shines brightest in the eyes of your newborn and in the spirit and memories of the old and infirmed.

So do not Hide. Show no fear. Live life. Watch your child grow. Revel in every sound they ever utter or word they speak. watch their actions and reactions. Smile and shout about decisions whether right or wrong. Live a life without labels or bounds. Allow your child to live unencumbered by your fears, feelings and expectations. Empower yourself
and your child to make choices based on opportunity, love and compassion. There is no reason to fear illness and death. Each are part of life and will never touch your child’s soul. A child’s soul never sleeps. With unending patience it only watches and waits.