Are Car Seats for Children Necessary?

How many children and infants are injured or killed in auto accidents?

Each year between 600-700 child passengers are killed and over 500,000 under the age of 5 are injured.

What is the major cause of death and serious injury threatening children today?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics it is trauma suffered by children riding unprotected in cars involved in accidents.

Can proper car safety use help?

60-70% of the deaths and injuries children suffer in auto accidents can be prevented with proper car safety.

How much force is exerted on a 10 pound infant in 30 mph crash?

The infant is slammed forward with the force of 300 pounds. This is the same as falling from three story building.

Is it safe to hold an infant instead of using a car seat?

No. This is called the “child crusher” position. At 30 mph a 125 pound adult is thrown forward with the force of almost two tons.

Are there any hints in selecting a car seat?

Select one which is comfortable for your child. Test the seat in your car to make certain it fits correctly and is compatible with your seat belt system. Make certain your seat has passed dynamic “crash” testing and meets applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213, effective January 1, 1981.

What is an infant seat?

These seats are designed for a baby weighing under 20 pounds. It must be installed so the infant rides facing rear.

What are toddler seats?

These are designed for the child who can sit up unassisted and weighs over 20 pounds but less than 50 pounds. These seats face forward.

Are there any other kinds of seats?

Yes. There are convertible seats which can be used for birth to age 3 or 4 years. They can be inclined and face backwards when the child is an infant and then be turned around and moved upright when the child is older.