Crib and Playpen Safety

Are there any safety tips to follow when selecting a crib?

  • Choose a crib with corner posts less than 5/8 inches height. This will help prevent choking injuries your child may receive from catching a cord or necklace around the post.
  • Avoid bumper pads if there are any safety concerns
  • When throwing away any plastic wrap that the crib mattress came in, be sure to tie it in knots to help prevent any suffocation injuries. Keep all plastic away from your infant.
  • Do not use plastic garbage bags as mattress covers. These are too thin and may cling to your child’s face causing suffocation (inability to breathe).

If I am using an older or second hand crib, what should I look for to make sure it is safe?

Check all the openings in the headboard and rail structure to make sure there are no openings big enough for a child’s head to become caught. Make sure the corner posts are flush with the headboard and footboard.

Are there any mattress safety tips?

Make sure your mattress sits snugly. This will prevent your infant from being wedged between the mattress and the sides of the crib.

Are there any tips on what crib is best to prevent my child from trying to crawl out?

Choose a crib with as large distance as possible between the top of the side rail and the mattress. Adjustable settings are also helpful and allow the mattress height to change as your infant grows.

Are there any tips when painting a crib?

Use only high quality household enamel paint and allow it to dry thoroughly so there are no fumes. Do the painting in a location away from the baby. Do not use old paint since it may have been made before lead paint limitation went into effect in February 1978. Also check the label to make sure the manufacturer does not recommend the paint to be used to paint object such as cribs.

Are there any crib safety tips?

  • If the crib is near a window beware of drapery or venetian blind cords.
  • When your child is old enough to stand or sit up make certain the side rail is always locked in its most raised position. Also make certain the mattress is set down to its lowest position.
  • When your child is climbing out of the crib or reaches about 35 inches in height he should be moved to a bed.
  • Check the crib periodically to see that there are no loose hooks, screws, or bolts.
  • Remember: a crib is not a playpen.

Are there any toys which should not go in a crib?

All toys large enough to be used for climbing should be removed. Use caution with any toys or mobiles with dangling cords. Cords should be less than 10 inches in length and out of reach of the infant.

How can I use my playpen safely?

When a child is able to move around, avoid toys or playpen attachments with strings, ropes or wires attached which could cause your child to become trapped and strangled. Always keep the playpen properly set up unless it is periodically for any loose connections.