Gate and Highchair Safety

Where should gates be used?

Gates should be used at the top and bottom of stairwells and at any place you do not want your child to come in contact with a suspected danger.

What type of gates should I have?

Gates that are V-hatched and collapse together look an accordion should be avoided. They can trap your child’s head, arms, legs, or fingers. A solid mesh screen is the best. It must be high enough that your child cannot climb over it.

How should gates be fastened?

Gates should be securely fastened or bolted to the doorframe. They must be attached in a way that cannot be dislodged unless desired by an adult.

What type of highchair should I buy?

Buy a chair with a solid base. Make sure it can’t be easily tipped over and one that has safety hardness straps around the waist (which prevents standing up in the chair) and between the legs (to prevent slipping under the tray). Follow all instructions for assembling, and check it periodically for any loose connections.

What safety rules should I follow?

  • Never allow your child to stand up in highchair.
  • Always use the safety straps.
  • Do not place highchair close to table, counter-top or wall which could allow your child to kick off the top or knock the chair over.
  • Always supervise your child when he is in a highchair.