What is it?
It is a rash caused by irritation to the skin.  Usually it is “itchy,” “raised,” “dry,” and “reddish.”  There may be a family history of asthma, hayfever and other relatives with eczema. It is also called atopic dermatitis.
Can you catch it?
Where does it occur?
The rash will involve the cheeks, back of arm, arm creases, back of legs, leg creases, behind the ears or neck creases.
How can I prevent it?
·         Avoid overheating and have your child wear cotton clothes.
·         Use humidified air in your house with proper temperature control.
·         Moisturize your child’s skin by adding baby oil to the bath water.  Use a lubricant like “Eucerin” after the bath and before drying your child.  Softly pat your child dry without firm rubbing, which tends to dry out the skin.
·         Use mild soaps or no soaps, except in the diaper area.
·         Rinse your child’s clothes well.
When should I see my child’s pediatrician?
If the rash is weeping or reddened, a topical steroid cream/ointment or antibiotic may be needed.  Call your baby’s pediatrician if these symptoms persist.