Lead Poisoning

What is lead poisoning?
It is a disease caused by swallowing or inhaling lead.
Who is at risk?
Your children face the greatest risk.  Children living in older homes that have peeling or chipping paint or whose home is being renovated a much higher risk.  Children living close to industrial areas are also at increased risk.
What are the symptoms?
·         Low level of lead exposure may not be obvious: however excitability, hyperactivity, poor attention and easy frustration may be some behavioral problems attributable to lead exposure in children.
·         Higher lead level in children may have more obvious symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, headache, clumsiness, weakness or vomiting.
Who should be screened?
Children are screened at 9 to 12  months.  High risk children should be screened as they grow..
How can lead exposure be prevented?
·         Be alert for chipping or peeling paint.
·         Don’t let children eat snow or icicles or put dirt in their mouths.
·         Use lead-free safe interior paints for your home.
·         Always wash hands before eating.
·         Do not store food in cans.
·         Test your water for lead and draw water for drinking from cold tap only.