Pink Eye

What is conjunctivitis aka Pink Eye?
Conjunctivitis occurs when germs infect the outer lining of the eye. It is often called “pink eye.”
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms include redness, itching, and discharge.  The eyes may look pink or red.
Is pinkeye harmful?
It is most often harmless but it can cause much discomfort and it is contagious (“catchy”).
What can I do?
You can try using cool compresses or artificial tears.  Call your child’s physician if redness or discharge increases, the eyes are painful, or if symptoms get worse.
What is the treatment?
Use good hygiene.  Softly wipe all “crusting” from the eyes as often as needed.  Your physicians may prescribe eye drops or an ointment.
How do you use the drops or ointment?
·         Before putting the drops or ointment in the eye, gently pinch the lower eyelid to make a small pocket and apply medicine.

Try not to touch the eye with the dropper, the tube or your finger. Follow instructions from your child’s physician for the dose of the medicine.