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The Discipline You Choose

Have you ever wondered about your discipline choices? You are not alone. This common parental concern is dark, deep, hidden and scary for most parents. It does not have to be. By following certain guideposts and budgeting the time to review your choices you can become the parent you want to be. Remember you never […]

Hitting Hurts Everyone

Choosing physical punishment as your discipline strategy hurts both you and your child. It does not stop hurting even when the pain, anger and confusion subside. Parents choose physical punishment as a discipline style due to personal, cultural and generational influences.  Often an aggressive verbal or physical response is chosen by a parent due to […]

Water Wise

Teaching children about water safety must be on the wish list of every parent. In the US we take healthy and non-contaminated water for granted. In many parts of the world clean water is not available. Throughout the world, thousands of children die every day due to water-related illness and chemical contamination. Germs, nitrates, man-made […]

Rules are Important

Rules are the visible foundation upon which parenting is built. They represent your parenting style and encourage communication between you and your child. The purpose of rules is to allow you and your child to identify acceptable behaviors and teach the limits of behaviors. The focus of rules is educational and based on consequences rather […]

Parenting Styles

Responding to misbehavior is one of the greatest challenges every parent faces. Your child does or doesn’t do something, and you must know how to respond. Parents who understand basic parenting styles are better prepared to choose the right response for their child. There are four parenting styles every parent must recognize and understand. The […]

Healthy Eating

Every parent knows a healthy weight is an indicator of good health and a gateway to chronic disease. Today’s parents, however, are busy and time and finances are limited. This is why it is essential for all parents to model healthy eating for their children. The first step is to model mealtime as family time. […]

Summer Safety Checkup

With the arrival of summer all parents need to perform a safety inspection of the house and all play areas inside and out. It is also the time for vacations, road trips, play dates, sporting events and summer camp. These new opportunities for exploration, experimentation and discovery make the arrival of summer the perfect time […]

Sun Protection

The sun can be damaging to your skin. Sunlight contains both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays that are damaging to your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. UVA light causes premature aging and UVB light causes burning. Both types of ultraviolet light increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Throughout […]

Quality of Life in Autism

For children and adults with autism an inspired quality of life is essential. For this to be achieved physical, psychological, social, spiritual and practical living and leisure components must be recognized, understood and addressed. The focus must be on optimizing communication skills, the ability to live in a community, the learning of functional skills that […]

Autism Treatment

The first step in autism treatment is identification. Look for the common signs of autism and talk to your pediatrician. Make sure screening is done by your doctor at your child’s 18 month and 24 month visits. Treatment and intervention can only begin after a diagnosis is made. The average age of diagnosis is after […]