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Headache Questions To Ask Your Child

Ask your child to make a drawing of the head pain. Date and time the episode and try not to give your child “hints” as to what to draw. Describe the type of head pain your child has. Include information on location, time of onset, frequency, severity, associated symptoms and duration. Be specific about the […]

Where Do Our Expectations Come From?

Deep within every parent’s heart is a spirit called expectation. Dreams of what could be and what can be. Expectations are affected by the demands of others and the reality of the present. Self imposed expectations heightened by the media surround each of us whether we are the mall or the grocery store. We see […]

Concussion And Brain Rest

After your child has been diagnosed as having a concussion the first step is to discuss the injury with your family and your child. The stress of the injury and the diagnosis can be difficult but convincing your child to allow his or her brain to “heal” can be even more difficult. Your child’s brain […]

Constipation Questions

What is constipation? If your child begins to have stools less frequently than his usual stool pattern or if he is aving less than 3 stools per week he is constipated. What other signs and symptoms are seen in constipation? Stools that are large, painful or difficult to push out are common in constipation. How […]

Do you expect too much from yourself?

Every parent hears this word from others and from within. As a parent you are confronted with the demands of others every day. Self-imposed demands add to these expectations as do expectations we hear and see in the media. When we are at the mall or shopping at the grocery store it is impossible not […]