Diaper Rash

What is it?

It is a rash in the diaper area that can be caused by irritation or by a germ (i.e., impetigo) or fungus (i.e. yeast infection).

How can I prevent it?

To prevent diaper dermatitis, change the diaper frequently, avoid plastic or rubber pants and rinse out detergents and fabric softeners. Use Vaseline or a lubricant liberally to protect the skin from urine and stool which may act as an irritant.

What is the best treatment?

Keep the diaper area washed with water and leave it open to the air. Zinc oxide or non-antibiotic skin paste (i.e., Desitin) can be used before diapering.

When should I call the baby’s physician?

Call your baby’s physician if the rash is not improved after 2-3 days with the routine treatment. Also, if any of following conditions are noted, call your baby’s pediatrician: the rash is spreading, skin is peeling, blisters are forming, or skin is “beefy” red.

Does it help if I use powder in the diaper area?

It is better to use a lubricant rather than any powders. The powders do not work as well, and powder can inhaled and lead to breathing problems. No single lubricant works better than the rest. Choose one which is available, works for your child and fits your budget. Avoid scented lubricants.