Prenatal Visit Information

When do I schedule a prenatal visit (before the birth of my baby) and what is it for?

The visit is usually scheduled in the last part of your pregnancy. Both parents, if possible, should be present. The visit is your opportunity to meet your child’s physician and ask questions about any concerns, anxieties or expectations. It also provides you the opportunity to see the office and meet the office staff.

What types of questions should I ask?

Possible questions include those about routine nursery care, physician notification at the time of your baby’s birth, when your child will be examined and whether she will stay in the mother’s room (“rooming in”) or in the nursery. Routine feeding, infant safety and home-care questions are reviewed as well as the timing of scheduled office visits, office hours, telephone hours, emergency numbers and fees.

What kind of questions might we be asked by the baby’s physician?

Topics include questions about some of the following: household composition; parental marital status; parental occupations and backgrounds; family medical history; previous pregnancy outcomes; family member’s health status; parenting philosophy; parental work status; family support status; circumcision; breast feeding and formula choices. The most important reason for the visit, however, is not for you to be asked questions, but rather for you to ask questions and obtain information about your child’s safety, development and medical care.