A Happy Little Girl

Happiness is a gift from within.

I looked up from the menu and saw this young girl standing next to me smiling. Her hair touched the top of a billowing white dress and her black patent leather shoes sparkled.  I cocked my head to the side and said: “Well, hello.” Speechless, she continued to smile. A woman swept over from a distant table and knelt down beside her. “Doctor Barber, I apologize for bothering you but, my daughter saw you come in and asked if she could go over and say hello.”  The next thing I knew she was standing next to your table.  I am so sorry for interrupting your dinner.”  The little girl continued to smile. “She and her sister play doctor and take turns being you.” You are going to be a great doctor someday,” I said to her.  Her smile grew larger. “Come on honey. Let Doctor Barber finish eating.”  She reached up and gave me a hug and skipped back to her table.

Children are born with an ability to live in the moment. Their feelings fueled by love, attention and affection drive their actions. They are able to feel what they want while still controlling what they do.   Attachment fueled by love, attention and affection leads to a sense of happiness, security and satisfaction. For adults this skill and connection is often lost.

The older we become the more our lives are illuminated by responsibility. Schedules and illness shorten our lives. Minutes, hours and days filter out the joy as we become unhealthy and unhappy. This unhappiness fosters the conscious suppression and unconscious repression of desires and feelings.  Life is devoured by rejection, anger, frustration, internal inadequacy and the stress of endless repetition.  One day ends so another can begin.

We must not allow unhappiness to replace positive emotion.  Abundant acts occur daily in each of our lives when we take the time to live in the present moment.

That young girl reminded me of my own power and capability to seek and find happiness no matter where I am or whom I am with.  I realized we have the innate ability to feel good when we take the time to give and receive unconditionally.  This power is within each of us.

Do you choose happiness? The choice is yours.