Don’t Let Control Fool You

As a parent you are confronted with difficult decisions. Caring and providing for your family are not easy. Responsibilities at home and work multiply in an endless progression. The size of your family, the age of your children, your experience as a parent and your financial situation all increase your demands. Although you seek control most of your life events are not under your control.

Parents chase this perception of control not only your own life but also the fate of your child. This pursuit of control is built upon innate parental intuition and directed decision-making. In this process you convince yourself how time and effort can make every decision you make right. This security is a mirage. A charade built upon control replacing fear and anxiety with avoidance.

This sense of control enables a parent to rise from bed in the morning and fall asleep at night. It requires intense effort to weave a tale of deceit and half-truths and stresses you throughout the day. Projecting control forces you to expend time and energy on people and events you do not control and prevents you from spending time with those you love and wish to protect. Surrounded by a capsule of false perceived control life shrouded by control becomes invisible to you and the joys of acceptance and unlimited expectation are lost. This price is too high.

So how do you stop this process of retreat, always defending your thoughts and actions? Every day you must be led by your expectations to the endless opportunities fueled by love and fulfillment that are within your reach every day.

Recite these affirmations daily and prepare yourself for the success expectation based parenting provides:

  • My child is born from endless and all powerful love.
  • Love provides the energy and knowledge my child and I need to make life decisions.
  • The skills I need to be a good parent are always available to me when and where I need them.
  • People enter and leave my life when I am weak or in need to help guide me and support my decisions.
  • I have the power to change my life.
  • I give the power of choice to my child.
  • I am always at my child’s side.
  • I support my child’s endless power and opportunities.
  • I am led by the endless opportunities the power of choice provides.