Iron Deficiency Anemia

What is it?
Iron deficiency anemia means low blood count due to inadequate iron in the body to make red blood cells.
Are there any other causes of anemia?
Yes, there are many.  Your doctor can discuss these with you.
What are the symptoms?
There may be no symptoms when your child only has a slightly low blood count.  As the blood count gets lower, your child may feel fussy, irritable, easily fatigued, or occasionally hyperactive.
How is it found?
A simple blood test called hemoglobin or hematocrit is done.
What is the treatment for iron deficiency anemia?
Your child should take iron for up to several months, or as long as your child’s physician directs, in order to replace the body’s stored of iron. A follow up test may be done to make sure the anemia is gone.
What foods are high in iron?
These foods are high in iron and will help provide your child with adequate iron: meats, green leafy vegetable, dried beans, egg yolks and cereal.  Prepare appropriately for your child’s age